Friday, July 22, 2011

Homespun by Lion Brand Yarn

100% Acrylic, 2% Polyester
6 oz / 170 g
185 yd / 167 m
60 colors
Made in the USA

I loved working with this yarn.

Knitting - I used a set of No. 10 needles the first time I picked up this yarn to knit something. I chose the No. 10's because of the look of the yarn, and decided to try a scarf. I didn't want something tightly woven, the yarn seemed like it need room to breathe (I hope that makes sense to you). I cast on 20 stitches and worked in the garter stitch for about 10 rows to see how it worked up.

Crochet -  I did a couple of  swatches using hook sizes H and K in a double stitch. Both size hooks worked wonderful for the yarn, but I decided I liked the H hook swatch a little bit better. There was alot of give with the stitch, but it was just the right tension for making my project.


As you work with it, you just know that the finished product will be so soft that you want to snuggle with it before your finished. But when your done, you realize not only is it soft, but so perfectly warm for fall and winter designs.
The colors are great. I have worked with Wild Fire (shown in example) and Painted Desert (can be seen used for hat below).
The color charachteristics of the two I used were so different. While the Wild Fire Had different hues, when I finished it was like looking at a single color. Painted Desert Changed as you went along. currently I'm working on a knitted scarf with the Painted Desert yarn and it changes form a greenish blue, to a burnt orange, to a darker blue, and so on. The changes in color are gradual, so the blend from one color to the next is very pleasing and really stunning when the project is finished.

The only downfall that I found with this yarn, is not with the yarn itself, but with the knitter/crocheter (me). If your not careful, it is very easy to snag the stitches with your needle..

Below is a photo of the hat I made with the skein of Wild Fire. As you can see, there was more than enough in a skein for me to finish this adult size hat.

My lovely daughter's Amanda and Allison modeling the hats.  They said they loved the hats, that they were soft, comfortable fit, and very warm.

You can purchase hats just like the two shown above at my store on Etsy.

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