Monday, July 25, 2011

A Quiet Monday

On the weekdays I watch my two grandsons from 7:30 in the morning until 4:30 in the afternoon while my daughter is at work. They are 2 and 5. It's fun, challenging, tiring, and rewarding. Shortly after they arrived this morning Landon, the 5 year old fell asleep. Richard, 2, sat on a chair by the open window next to my computer and watched the traffic drive by as the breeze cooled him off while sipping on a cup of cold chocolate milk. Mornings like these are wonderful. Quiet, but not alone. I am blessed to be able to spend time with them while they grow, I just wish my aging body was able to keep up with them.

I tried to do some research on my computer in the quiet, but instead found blogs that kept me enthraled for most of the morning.

Remembering the pictures from this past weekend of the boys, I decided to put together a slide show. I opened up my Video Studio and began uploading pictures and music. I created titles, credits, and a story line. I finished it, fell in love with it, and then the dreaded message. Internet Explorer has encountered a problem. I didn't save it. All was lost. But that's ok, tomorrow is another day. Who knows, maybe the new one will be even better than the last.

Landon Anthony

Richard Alan

Tonight the evening is cool, unlike the past few evenings. We even had a little bit of rain today, with a rumble of  thunder and a little bit of lightning. It didn't last nearly long enough though, but atleast the birds were happy for a short while. 

My husband brought home rotisserie chicken and steak fries so I wouldn't have to stand at the stove to cook. It was good, and we all enjoyed it. No left overs to put away, or pots and pans to wash.

And now. A nice and quiet, relaxed evening. I am on my computer, reading, writing, checking, and playing. My son is on another computer in the other room, playing and messaging friends. My husband is watching his movies that he's been waiting to see. We are only a few feet away from each other, each of us  enjoying our own thing. Quiet, but not alone. They come into my room to find out why I'm laughing, I share a few of the jokes I read on One Yarn After Another.  My sons phone rings and we ask him who called, his friends want him to go to the park, he leaves, but not before saying "goodbye, I love you."  I stop and give my husband a kiss on the forehead on my way to the kitchen for a cold drink. My life is simple, I love every moment of it.

A Quiet Monday. I wonder what tomorrow will bring?

Thank you for stopping by, have a wonderful evening!

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